Reddy - Origins

There are many theories put forth about the origins of Reddys. But none of them is conclusively proven. The word Reddy in particular refers to the Reddy dynasty that ruled in the region around present day Vijayawada, Guntur, Kurnool and Rajahmundry towns for nearly a hundred years (1328-1428). The Name "Reddy" originated as the head of a village appointed by the king as a rakshaka bata/rashta kuta (Police) to supervise the law and order of the village.

Reddys are believed to be an offshoot of the Rashtrakuta dynasty. After the decline of the Rashtrakuta dynasty, the ruling clan broke off and settled in North and South India. Rashtrakutas were a Rajput clan. The settlers in the north are called Rathods/Rathores, and ruled Marwar in western Rajasthan, while the southern settlers were called Reddys.
Reddy dynasty, Reddiar, Helen Reddy

Reddy - Reddy as a title :
In Ancient India, Reddy is the title of the headman of the village. Since these positions were mostly hereditary their offspring retained the title. Sometime in the medieval period it came to represent the community as of the present.

Reddy - Reddy kings and the Dynasty
Reddys ruled Andhra Pradesh area from 1353 to 1448. At the height of its days, their kingdom spanned over most of South India. The initial capital of the kingdom was Addanki and then Kondavidu and later shifted to Rajahmundry. Some of the major cities of the kingdom included Orugallu (present Warangal), Bezawada (now Vijayawada),Velanati (Now in Prakasam,Guntur,Kurnool)majorly with their surname METTU, Devagiri (present Davanagere in Karnataka state), Dharmapuri (Tamil Nadu), Rayagada (Orrisa), Ratnagiri (Maharashtra).

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